Custom Event Series

In the year 2023 AHT celebrates its 40-year anniversary and will therefore invite customers to a custom event series at its premisses in Rottenmann, Austria. As part of its celebrations AHT has decided to host its own exclusive event series focused on customer experience rather than attending tradeshows like EuroShop 2023 at this time.

With the custom event series, AHT is starting a new format to present new innovations, products, and services to its customers. The aim of these events is, to tailor the experience exactly to the needs of the customers. By having face-to-face meetings without the distractions given on trade shows, the customer can be served in a more appropriate way and explore topics in more depth.

The new concept will be physical events as well as sophisticated online events tailored to the specific requirements of your customers.

The custom event series will start in January 2023 hosted in Rottenmann Austria and online.