Saving energy made easy

Saving energy
made easy

Saving energy is the order of the day. More and more companies are evaluating their energy consumption to determine potential savings. AHT Cooling Systems, the global market leader in plug-in refrigerators and freezers, offers its customers the most efficient equipment to fully exploit this potential.

In supermarkets and discounters in particular, there is enormous potential for savings in the area of refrigeration. After all, around 40 % to 45 % of a supermarket´s total energy requirement is accounted for by refrigeration.

Open refrigerated shelves in particular ensure extremely high energy consumption in the market. According to AHT experts, doors on refrigerated shelves can save 50 % to 60 % of energy. A very considerable potential for optimization.

With its innovative products, AHT Cooling Systems offers numerous opportunities to unleash this potential. With VENTO Eco Air. the company has the most energy-efficient refrigerated shelf on the market with glass doors.

In addition, thanks to the new Active Monitoring Systems (AMS), you can measure the energy consumption of all AHT devices as well as all third-party devices and receive a detailed report with all important data.

Especially in the cold winter months, the waste heat produced by the refrigerators can be used to heat the premises. As a result, AHT once again offers energy-saving potential for its customers.

AHT devices impress with high energy efficiency, design, and flexibility. Further information and reference projects can be found at